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Hop Gar Fist by Lin Xin DVD/DVDs

Hup Gar Quen is one of the South China martial arts and popular in Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macao. The characters of this routine is simple in moves, fast in punching, flexible in moving and strong in power. The moves are varied and forceful, such as Wing Hands, Crane Hand and Bridge Stance. Its moving scale is big and focuses on whirling, with the basic hand skills like slashing, Tiger Claw and One Leg Stance. Big Arhat Fist is the senior boxing, Small Arhat Fist is the primary one when Tiger and Crane's Battle is the medium one. Note: all the discraptions below are copied straight from the DVDs.

tai chi mantis Fist DVD Image
DW210-02 Xiao Luo Han Kung-fu (or Little Archt Kungfu in English )
Xiao Luo Han is the basic routine of Hop Gar Kungfu. It is simple and practical, and the throwing, attacking, hanging, hitting and punching among left and right bow are so violent and forceful so that it looks like to crack a stone or a rock...
Artist: Lin Xin
Region: 0(all region DVD)
Soundtrack: Chinese
Subtitles: English / Chinese
Duration: 1 dvds

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