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Tai Chi Shaolin Kungfu Show DVD/CD

We offer a series of tai chi shaolin kungfu show dvds/vcds, the tai chi shao lin kungfu show dvd is performed by Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei, Master Liming Yue and a group of masters, the Shaolin Kung Fu show is performed by shaolin monks from China.

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KFS001-01 Shaolin Kung Fu Show VCD (PAL) by Shaolin Temple Masters
The video footage was filmed in a professional theatre. It covers Shaolin Kung Fu hands Form, Weapon, Hard Qigong and Group fighting with both English and Chinese clear commentary.
Soundtrack: Chinese

Kungfu Show DVD Image
KFS001-02 Tai Chi & Kung Fu Show DVD (PAL) by Chen Zhenglei and Others
This unique show combines the powerful internal art of Tai Chi with the legendary Shaolin Kung Fu into a magical display that will leave the audience spellbound and amazed. Led by China's leading Tai Chi Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei, a collection of Masters from central China will perform incredible feats of power and agility to demonstrate the extremes of human potential. The show, packed with amazing performances, will guide the audience through a history of these ancient arts to reveal their most elusive component, internal chi (Qi) energy. See how Masters use their specialized techniques for uniting mind, body and spirit to cultivate chi (Qi) energy for martial, medical and spiritual practices to produce fluidity of movement, lightening fast reactions and superhuman abilities, and all bought together under one roof. It covers: Presentation, Shaolin Qigong & Animal Forms, Lao Jia Form (Tai Chi), Xin Jia Form (Tai Chi), 18 Form & 11 Form (Tai Chi), Tai Chi Silk Reeling Energy, Tai Chi Push-Hands, Shaolin Acrobatics, Tai Chi Sabre, Tai Chi Sword, Tai Chi Halberd, Tai Chi Pole, Shaolin Sabre, Shaolin Fight Sequence (Staff / 3 piece Staff) and Tai Chi Cannon Fist.
Publisher: Chen Style Tai Chi Centre
ISBN: 190471918x

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