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Grandmaster Sun Jianyun

Grandmaster Sun Jianyun, is the daughter of Sun Lutang (1861-1933), the founder of Sun style Taiji Quan. She started to learn martial arts from her father at her childhood and mastered the essentials of Xingyi Quan (Form and Will Boxing), Bagua Zhang (Eight Diagrams Plam), and Taiji Quan, also associated weapons. in 1931 she began to learn wushhu from a grandmaster Li Jinglin, a famous martial artist in China. Later on she became a coach at the Jiansu National Wushu Academy. She won the Wushu Contribution Prize at the 1988 Chinese International Wushu Festival, and she is one of top ten Wushu Masters in China. She has published many books such as Sun-style Taiji Quan, Xingyi Sword and Eight Forms of Xingyi Quan, and many dvds, videos etc. Our online shop offers Sun Jianyun Tai Chi DVDs including Tai Chi Quan, Sword, and Forms and Weapons Demonstration.

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DW076-3 Sun Style Taiji Quan and Weapons Demonstrations

Demonstrated and instructed by Sun Jianyun, the daughter of Sun style taiji founder Sun Lutang.
A significant feature of Sun style Taiji Quan is the combination of the Xingyi Quan (Form and Will Boxing), Bagua Zhang (Eight Diagrams Palm) and Taiji Quan. Each movement practised in the form should be relaxed, flexible, quick and natural. The entire routine is performed smoothly without breaking like clouds flying and water flowing. The Sun style taiji quan is also called Kai He (open and close) Taiji Quan due to its hands and rear foot leading movements.
Soundtrack: Chinese
Subtitles: selectable English / Chinese
Duration: 59 mins
Publisher: People's Sports & Audio-video Publishing House
Artist:Grandmaster Sun Jianyun

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