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Wudang Yu Xing (Fish Alike ) Youshen (Swimming Body) Men Family Kungfu DVD/DVDs

This martial arts series belongs to Wudang Youshen Men (Fish Alike Swimming Body) Family, which is demonstrated and explained by Jia Weiyong, the Guest Researcher of Wudang Martial Arts Institution In Wudang Mountain China, and the 13th Direct Inheritor of Wudang Yu Xing Youshen Men Family. Note: all the discraptions below are copied straight from the DVDs.

wudang DVD Image
DW169-04 Shuang Lin Cudgel
Shuang Lin Cudgel of You Shen Men is one of the esoteric weapons, evolved from the ferule the travelling Taoist took along, on the basis of Lin Cudgel routines in the West. It features the movements of Sweep, Prick, Cover, Hit, Upper Cut, Point, Chop, Wring. It moves swiftly, energetically, integrally and naturally. The handle and tip changes invisibly, good for self-protection.
Region: 0(all region DVD)
Soundtrack: Chinese
Subtitles: English / Chinese
Duration: 1 dvd

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