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Wudang Taiyi Martial Arts Family DVD/DVDs

This martial arts series belongs to Wudang Taiyi Martial ArtsFamily, which is demonstrated and explained by Xiao Anfa, the indoor student of Changjiang Hero Lu Zijian. Note: all the discraptions below are copied straight from the DVDs.

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DW199-06 Wudang Taiyi Martial Arts Series - Routine Demonstration
This demonstration is composed of Thirteen Postures of Wudang Taiyi Sword Knacks, Wudang Taiyi Sword, Twenty-seven-posture Tai-Chi, Wudang Taiyi Solo Broadsword and Wudang Taiyi Fan, to give you a chance to enjoy the essence of the Wudang Tai-Chi Life Preservation Kungfu Series continuously.
Region: 0(all region DVD)
Soundtrack: Chinese
Subtitles: English / Chinese
Duration: 1 dvd

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