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Quintessence Series of Da Cheng Quan (大成拳系列) DVD/DVDs

This is a Quintessence Series of Da Cheng Quan (Yi Quan), demonstrated and explained by Huang Jingwen, the third generation successor of Da Cheng Quan.

Xingyi DVD Image
DW108-05 Actual Combat
Actual combat, namely Sanda, is a sort of unconditional wushu antagonism. You can use whatever skills you like except morally exoculation, crotch kicking, larynx locking and so on. In a word feet are needed to kick a player, fist is required to hit, and step is required to excel the adversary. The expression should be powerful and the vigour should be unconquerable. The every part of the body can be the weapon of martial art.
Region: 0(all region DVD)
Soundtrack: Chinese
Subtitles: English / Chinese
Duration: 56 mins

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