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Zhu Sha Zhang(Hot Sand Palm) Qigong or Qi Gong DVDs

Zhu Sha Zhang is a kind of kungfu benefiting the internal organs. It is saying that practicing kungfu without strengthening internal organs will get you nowhere. So it is very importance to strengthen your internal organs for real kungfu. Zhu Sha Zhang can help you to achieve the goal.

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DW139-02 Jin Ba Shou Quan ( Fine Eight Hnads Chuan)
Jin Ba Shou is also called close eight hands which is passed down by Zhao Tiezheng to Yang Yong. This fist combines the essence of exercises of both benefiting internal organs and the muscles and bones. It's less of gorgeous show but more of practical techniques. The fist has eight routines consisting of San Shou. Each movement is remarkable with speed and break-out force requiring agile attack and mellow defense. It includes hoofing, kick, stepping and mandarin legs. The palm feat includes Tie Sha Zhang, Zhu Sha Zhang, Claw and Eagle Claw. Footwork: Successive eight feet.
Soundtrack: Chinese
Subtitles: selectable English / Chinese
Duration: 55 mins
Region: 0 (all region DVD)
Artist:Yang Ying, the Successor of Zhu Sha Zhang(Hot Sand Palm)

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