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Tai Chi Qinna (Chin Na), San Shou / Practical Combat / Application Techniques DVDs

Tai Chi Qinna (Chin na), San Shou (Free Sparring) and Capturing and push-hand Applications are the highest level of Tai Chi Kungfu. When your Tai Chi Quan and Tai Chi Push-hands have reached to certain level, then you can start to practise Tai Chi San Shou. Sometimes, Tai Chi San Shou is thought to be the extension of Tai Chi Push-hands, however, there is no rules to follow for Tai Chi San Shou. Each action varies naturally and moves forward or backward sticking with opponent together. Each attacking or defence uses skills where you never apply hard energy or hard force to strike your opponents. In Chinese, we call it 'Si Liang Bo Qiang Jin', translating into English 'four gram of force to move away thousand grams of weight'.

Tai Chi Free Sparring(DW087)

Tai Chi San Shou dvds image

Taiji Rushing and Sudden Agile Energy Releasing (DW153)

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Tai Chi Application Techniques (DW084)

Tai Chi Qin Na and San Shou(DW143)

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