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Xingyi Quan DVDs

Xingyi Quan ( Form and Meaning Fist or Shape and Impression Boxing in the description of dvds) is one of three famous internal boxings (Xingyi, Taiji and Bagua) in China, and is ranked as top 4 boxing in China as well. The main feature of Xingyi is 'fast plus powerful' like a tiger hunting food. Originally, it was coping animinals' food hunting and self-defence (the animals such as tiger, monkey, horse, snakes, birds and eagles etc.). In Chinese 'Xing' means shape and behavior, and Yi means 'meaning' or 'spirit'. Taking the important things from the shape or behavior is called 'take Xing to form Yi' or 'the unity of external shape and internal spirit'. Of course, Xingyi Quan as one of broad and profound Chinese Wushu contents has its own complete theoretical system after many generations' study, practice, review, and improvment. Later on, Yi Quan was developed on the basis of Xingyi in 1920s by a famous kungfu master Wang Xiangzai. Although there are few Xingyi styles (three big one), the principles are similar, and all emphases on use of Yi to lead Qi, and use of Qi to lead strength. Through the mutual adjustment of preferred shape and spirit, the interaction the inside and outside of body to achieve not only physical fitness, self-cultivation of effectiveness, but also the real combat combative effects.
Our online shop offers a series of Xingyi DVD/DVDs including Quan, Sword, Sabre and performed by different Xingyi masters.

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Yi Quan DVDs(DW027-029)

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Xingyi DVDs by Di Guoying(DW079)

sha guozhen xingyi bagua dvds image

Sha Guozheng Xingyi, Bagua, Taichi(DW094)

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Shang Xingyi Quan DVDs (DW107)

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Da Chen Quan (Yi Quan) DVDs (DW108)

yi quan dvd  image
Da Chen Quan (Yi Quan) DVDs (DW109)

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Shanxi Xingyi DVDs (DW114)

shanxi xingyi dvds image

Xingyi DVD by Wu Shijun (DW118-05)

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Heart-mind Harmonized Xingyi DVDs (DW131)

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Sun Lu Tang Xingyi DVDs(DW134)

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Shangpai Xingyi DVDs(DW140)

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Zhonghua Yi Quan DVDs(DW141)

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Jueban Series Xingyi (DW146)

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Xingyi Quan DVD (DW205)

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