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Sun Style Tai Chi DVDs

Sun Style Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan) also called Open and Close Taijiquan, was created by Sun Lutang (1861-1932). The significant important feature of Sun Style Taijiquan is the combination of the essential techniques of Xingyi (Form and Will Boxing), Bagua (Eight Diagrams Palm) and Taiji Quan. Each movement is flexible and natural. When steping forward it requires following a heel's movement and reverse by toes. The movements of the whole routine are performed continuouslly without break like the floating clouds and the flowing water. Our online shop offers Sun Style Tai Chi DVDs including Tai Chi Quan, Sword, and Forms and Weapons Demonstration.

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Sun Tai Chi by Sun Jianyun(DW076)

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Sun Tai Chi by Li Chengxiang(DW085)

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Sun Tai Chi of Sun Lutang(DW134)


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