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Chin Na / Qinna, San Shou / free sparring DVD/DVDs

Qin Na and Sanda (Free Sparring) is a kind of Chinese martial arts, which can be used to improve your body, hands, and foot flexibility, sensitivity and strength, also to improve attacking and and self-defense skills. After 20 year's practicing, Qinna and Sanda is now very popular in China. Its "kick far, hit near, and wrestle body contact" represents the soul of China traditional Wushu.

acupoint pointing dvd  image
Self-Defence Acupoint Pointing and Qin Na (DW151)

qinna dvd image

Qin Na DVD (DW103)

sun tai chi  dvds image

Tai Chi Qinna DVD

special force qinna dvds image

Special Forces Fighting and Qin Na Training Series (DW098)

sanda series dvd image

San Shou (DW055-059) DVD

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